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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to Buy the Book to Become a Phone Sex Operator? +

If you want to start earning $30+ an hour immediately then you should buy this book.

Flirt and Earn Gifts is the ONLY Phone Sex Training guide that will hold you buy the hand and get money in your bank account in the next 7 days. But you must be willing to invest in yourself.

Buying the book will help you avoid all the guess work that comes with being a newbie operator, like....

How should you answer a caller....

How to keep your customers on the line longer...

How to get and keep regular callers....

How and when to increase your per minute earnings....

And so much more.

If you think you're not worth the investment of $27.00 then exit now.

P.S. I do not get any referral commissions for referring people to the company that I work with, but I did take the time to write an 83-page eBook that is pure value so you can start earning quickly in the comfort of your bed. I hope you can see that my eBook is worth the consideration.

Who Should Consider Becoming a Phone Sex Operator? +

Phone sex operator jobs are great for stay at home moms looking for full or part time employment. PSO jobs offer plenty of flexibility when it comes to the hours you work and when you work. Working from home and earning money from home is a dream for most, but a reality for a lot of phone sex actresses. You know that feeling you get when you have to wake up early in the morning to beat rush hour traffic, but only to get stuck in it? Well adult phone entertainers do not have that problem. Phone entertainers take incoming calls from their cell phone or landline from their bed, couch or even at the grocery store.

What do Phone Sex Operators do? +

As a PSO, your job consists of two things: Keeping the call going for as long as possible and getting the caller to climax. As an adult phone entertainer, your phone calls will of course be sexually explicit more often than not. With that said, your job role will consist of taking on fantasy characters that the caller finds sexually enticing, and keep up the "charade" as long as possible. Each phone sex conversation will be very different from the last and no call will ever be boring. Typically, your job will be done for each call when your caller climaxes or "cums" and that will be that. Other times, the phone sex call will end when the callers balance has been depleted. At that time they will be prompted to reload and continue the call or the call will end there.

How Much Can Phone Sex Actresses Earn? +

Since phone actresses get paid per minute, the longer the call lasts, the more money she will make. Phone sex earnings vary for each phone operator, but newbie phone entertainers can expect to earn anywhere from $.50 per minute to $1.99 per minute. Veteran phone sex actresses, $2.99 per minute and up. Keep in mind, even though you may have the best lip service there is and your caller is completely engaged as the phone sex conversation goes on, ultimately, the amount of funds each caller has determines the length of your calls. With this in mind, be sure to really give each call you full energy and focus that way in the event the call is short, the caller will be incentivized to call back as quickly as possible once they've increased their funds. Callers that call back tend to become regulars, which are where the bulk of your phone sex earnings will come from as a phone sex entertainer.

Which PSO Companies are Hiring? +

Just by doing a Google search,you can easily sift through the results of each site that shows up. As you will come to realize rather quickly, is that the results for "phone sex operator jobs" are overwhelming to say the least. So here at FlirtyTalks, we've made this process for finding the right phone actress jobs a lot simpler with our PSO Starter Kit.

Do People Really Call Phone Sex Chat Lines? +

Incredibly Yes! Middle-aged men make up the majority of the customer base when it comes to adult phone chat and rightly so. Around this time, most men have been married for quiet some time now and they are quiet bored with their current sex life. With that said, these men don't necessarily want to visit the strip club to get that full on experience, but that prefer that fantasy role playing that the can get discretely and over the phone without ever having to leave their house. It's really a huge convenience to them. Just think about all the gas money you're saving them!

Is there a lot of Money to be made as a Phone Sex Operator? +

Yes, on average a veteran phone sex actress that is really good at her job will be able to keep the caller on a call for at least 7 minutes or more. That's approximately $21 at a $2.99 per minute rate. When you go ahead and find out more about our PSO Starter Kit, you'll find out which sites to sign up to that callers on average spend well over 13 minutes on the site. So enter your name and email below and find out which phone sex operator jobs are hiring today.

Do I have to reside in the United States to be a Phone Sex Operator? +

No, here are the other supported countries to be phone sex operator:

Korea, Republic Of
Netherlands Antilles
New Zealand
Puerto Rico
Taiwan, Republic Of China
Trinidad and Tobago
United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom

Press Play: Newbie Phone Actress Earns $2,500/month

Potential Phone Sex Earnings

In the Following Pages You will Learn...

  • Choose Your Hours

    Jennifer- Newark, New Jersey

  • Earn Lots of Money

    Ellie Bou- Atlanta, Georgia

  • No Experience Needed

    Sarah- Portland, Oregon

Inside Flirt & Earn Gifts...

  • Do you have what it takes to become a phone sex operator and work from?
  • Find out how to get paid $30+ hourly without any experience.
  • Learn what to say to your caller to make sure they call you again.
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A Message from the Author:

Hello there, I see you want to know more about how you can work from home. My name is Ellie Bou and I am a phone sex operator and I LOVE IT! Whether you are just curious or want to get started right away, here is what you should know:

Women who become PSO's should be very open minded by nature, your conversations will differ each time your line rings, so be prepared for anything from bizarre to just plain weird.

In the most simplest way to explain, as a pso you will let your caller lead and see what ever fantasy he may want to enact, most times the call topics do get "adult" in nature. So if you are the queen of dirty talk and sweet nothings, this is right up your alley. Even if you have NO Experience,  you can still learn the art of phone sex- I can help! The best part is that you will be getting paid for each minute the caller stays on your line. All of my trainees are guaranteed $50 plus an hour! (As long as you know how to follow directions).

Here's Why I Got Started:

I've been a phone sex actress for about 4 years now and the prospects of earning  $50-$100 an hour from home no less is what really caught my attention. I had absolutely no experience what so ever in the "dirty talk" arena. I remember trying to have phone sex with an ex boyfriend and I failed miserably. But that didn't stop me from wanting to learn more and finding out how to get a phone sex operator job.

As the years went on, and I got the hang of being a phone sex actress, I really couldn't see myself doing anything else. Then my daughter came along and I was even more convinced that I couldn't do a 9-5 job...and while I'm at work leave her in daycare? I think NOT. There have been one to many daycare centers on the news lately.

As a pso, I am able to take calls as she naps through out the day and when she is asleep for the night. With such flexibility, I truly feel that this industry has spoiled me for the worst and there is no going back to a regular job ever. Plus I will the power to make guys explode just by the sound of my voice- #awesomeness!

Becoming a PSO on Your Own is HARD!!!

Just by doing a simple Google search for "phone sex operator jobs" or "pso jobs", you can easily find a multitude of website hiring for phone actresses. But the downside is figuring out which sites to consider and which sites have the customer base that will keep your phone ringing is the more challenging part. Who has time for that though? If you're like me, you want to make money as quickly as possible, bills need to get paid, kids need to stay fed, and you need to stop stressing over not having enough of it! Now you can exit this page and continue on your way doing more research on how to become a phone sex operator or whatever else kind of job you want to do from home or you can take me up on this one time only offer and get started as a pso within the next 24 to 48hrs!

What People Are Saying About Flirt & Earn Gifts

*Formally Known as the PSO Starter Kit, Originally Published in December 2015

  • Take the guess work out of becoming a phone sex operator.
  • All my PSO trainees start earning $30/hourly with their 1st call.
  • Get and keep regulars by saying the right things for maximum earnings.
  • Avoid hangups and awkward pauses with the training found here.
  • Gain immediate access to our Ladies Only FB group with other PSO's.
  • Quickly setup direct deposit and get paid weekly!
Download Now Only $27

Your Ebook will be available for instant download after payment